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The Advantages of uPVC Gutters

uPVC stands for Polyvinyl chloride and it is the world’s third most popular plastic produced. Due to its extensive and diverse applications, uPVC is used anywhere from flexible plastic bank cards, to rigid uPVC guttering.

As the roofing and guttering experts, here at KCL Roofing and Guttering, we highly recommend the installation of uPVC guttering in your home in comparison to more traditional forms, due to its longevity, resistance, and overall diversity.

The Pros of uPVC Gutters on Domestic Properties

The fact of the matter is, guttering and its functionality are pivotal to the everyday operations and the structural integrity of your roof. Its job is to lead water and sediment away from your home to prevent leaks and build-up.uPVC guttering is the most economical and practical solution for this function, as it does not incur the problems associated with other traditional guttering forms such as aluminium, which can be subject to rust and dislocation.

Here at KCL Roofing and Guttering, uPVC guttering is the type we recommend, the majority of the time, because it is:

• Quick to install, meaning less disruption to the day-to-day happenings of your household.

• Is relatively cheap as it is the most common gutter and downpipe type

• Does not need to be painted, as it already comes in a host of different colours, allowing you to customise your house’s appearance, or blend seamlessly in with the existing décor.

• Is strong and durable. Everyone knows that the weather in the west of Ireland can be wild with heavy rains and strong gusts of wind, and on the rare occasion we witness snow, uPVC guttering has been designed to withstand a greater weight than that of other forms of guttering, as it can bend and flex without breaking.

uPVC guttering will retain its neat and tidy aesthetic, and minimal upkeep is required, including the fascia and soffits.

Are there any cons associated with uPVC gutters?

Although the advantages of uPVC gutter installation outweigh the cons, there are still some things to consider and discuss with us before we install your uPVC guttering:

Brightly coloured uPVC guttering may fade under consistent exposure to sunlight, however, we are most unlikely to incur this issue for many years, as Galway, in general, does not receive an extended period of time with direct sun exposure, or high temperatures.

KLC Roofing and Guttering – the domestic uPVC guttering experts

Get in touch today to learn more about getting uPVC guttering installed in your home, which can save you money, and time, allowing your household to function the way you want – happily, peacefully, and dry, all year around.

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